Welcome to my only website.

It has two aims – first to contain some material which people have asked for in the past.  This side of things is still in development. Pieces can be downloaded here in  exchange for a donation to the Orpheus Centre Trust.

Second, in an age when any old nonsense can appear on the internet, it’s meant to set the record straight.   Which may appear paranoid and self-absorbed, but hey, this is showbiz.  I hope the result doesn’t sound boastful, and I really have tried to make it honest.

To my surprise and delight, since 16th June 2012 this has been the website of Sir Richard Stilgoe.   Annabel is now Lady Stilgoe, and her unceasing labours are probably the main reason I’ve been elevated.  Thank you to so many of you who have written and said kind things.  It seems unfair that when the ship is moving well they paint the figurehead gold instead of praising the people rowing away at the back, so I honestly hope the rowers see this as an award for them just as much as for me.

Richard Stilgoe

Latest News

The Community Opera ‘Road Rage’ for Garsington has been great fun to work on, and I am safely back – thanks to the help of friends and family -  from my Circumnavigation of Battersea Power Station. 

The log of the voyage is here.