poems & songs

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Songs with sheet music

© Richard Stilgoe

Joyce the Librarian
PDF and Sibelius versions
Mrs Beamish
PDF and Sibelius versions
THE W I Calendar
PDF and Sibelius versions

Poems about music

© Richard Stilgoe

Birth of the ’Cello, The
One day Stradivarius was sitting in Cremona
We’re going to Glyndebourne – my dear what a treat
Piano, The
Sonnet on a World Without Music
If all the music in the world should end
Steve was a funny baby
Very First Music, the Very Last Music , The
The very first music that anyone heard
Violin Farm
A sycamore tree cannot mimic the lark
Who Pays the Piper
including the text and an MP3 recording.

Other poems

© Richard Stilgoe

Army Wife
Mary believes the best possible life
Caithness Self-lift Chair
The Bower in Bexhill-on-Sea provides a quiet life
Cheese on Toast
Within the realms of Orpheus
Granny’s German Hip
Granny’s eighty-five now, and she gets a lot of gyp
In height I am just five foot four & three quarters
I Loved a Surgeon
I loved a surgeon once, but he turned out to be a lout
The man dives
Night Before Christmas, The
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the flat
Peace and Tranquility
This morning we started with Peace and Tranquility -
Erica Thirl’s Dog
My nose is wet and shiny


Narrations for existing pieces

The Young Person’s guide to the Orchestra.
Words © Richard Stilgoe
Music by Benjamin Britten.

Don Juan
Poems © Richard Stilgoe
music by Richard Strauss
The town of Seville is well known for the orange,

Enigma, The
Poems © Richard Stilgoe
Music by Edward Elgar
Elgar’s the name, and music’s the game