poems & songs

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Songs with sheet music

© Richard Stilgoe

Joyce the Librarian
PDF and Sibelius versions
Mrs Beamish
PDF and Sibelius versions
THE W I Calendar
PDF and Sibelius versions

Poems about music

© Richard Stilgoe

The Ancient Marriner
Originally written for Sir Neville Marriner's 75th birthday, and altered for his memorial service on 19th November 2016
Birth of the ’Cello, The
One day Stradivarius was sitting in Cremona
We’re going to Glyndebourne – my dear what a treat
Piano, The
Sonnet on a World Without Music
If all the music in the world should end
Steve was a funny baby
Very First Music, the Very Last Music , The
The very first music that anyone heard
Violin Farm
A sycamore tree cannot mimic the lark
Who Pays the Piper
including the text and an MP3 recording.

Other poems

© Richard Stilgoe

Army Wife
Mary believes the best possible life
Caithness Self-lift Chair
The Bower in Bexhill-on-Sea provides a quiet life
Cheese on Toast
Within the realms of Orpheus
Granny’s German Hip
Granny’s eighty-five now, and she gets a lot of gyp
In height I am just five foot four & three quarters
I Loved a Surgeon
I loved a surgeon once, but he turned out to be a lout
The man dives
Night Before Christmas, The
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the flat
Peace and Tranquility
This morning we started with Peace and Tranquility -
Erica Thirl’s Dog
My nose is wet and shiny


Narrations for existing pieces

The Young Person’s guide to the Orchestra.
Words © Richard Stilgoe
Music by Benjamin Britten.

Don Juan
Poems © Richard Stilgoe
music by Richard Strauss
The town of Seville is well known for the orange,

Enigma, The
Poems © Richard Stilgoe
Music by Edward Elgar
Elgar’s the name, and music’s the game